Great Langborough Residents’ Association



The Salvation Army Hall, Sturges Road

20th June 2011


Committee members:

Robin Cops chairman; Andrew Pearce treasurer; Pat Smith secretary; David Nash; Terry O’Donnell, Phil Lawman, Phillip Robinson


Marcelle Williams

Valerie Robinson

Sam Jones

Ken Priest

David and Gwyn Garrod

Elizabeth Ramsay

Diana and Chris Singleton

Margaret & Peter Hendra

Elizabeth and Stan Harris

Steph Faulkner

Frank and Mildred Clisby

John Brenner

John Milner

Carol and Bob Newman

Ray & Barbara Brown


Barbara Young


 Cllr. David Davies

Christine Roper

Nick & Donna Ravinet

Cllr. Bob Wyatt

Cllr Matt Deegan

Elizabeth Manley



Elizabeth and Sydney Treadgold; Catherine and Paul Turner, Pat and Bill MacIntyre, Sue and Roger Gook, Julian Salomon


Town centre Regeneration

The meeting welcomed Cllr. Matt Deegan, WBC Executive Member for Regeneration who gave a presentation on the proposed town centre regeneration.

Matt identified the positive impact the £100m regeneration would provide:

750 new jobs, £21m wages, £2.2m tourism, additional affordable housing and a catalyst for further regeneration.

He outlined the time scale:

·         Design phase June – Nov 2011

·         Stand-alone refurbishment of Peach Street Jan - Aug 2012

·         Planning consent July 2012

·         Station link road agreement signed. New station  to start in 2012

·         Elms Field retail development May 2013 - December 2014

·         Residential development Oct 2013 - Mar 2016

·         Peach Place new retail Jan 2015 - Aug 2016


There will be a public exhibition in Unit 4 Peach Street from 7th -9th July with a flyer circulated shortly to all householders informing them.

Matt was asked for comparable developments by Wilson Bowden Developments and will provide details.            Action M. Deegan


Main Agenda items

1. Minutes of previous AGM were displayed and had been accepted by the committee.

2.1Actions arising :


2. Treasurer’s report:

Andrew Pearce presented the accounts which demonstrated that we are currently in the black to the tune of £339.93.

Funds have been spent this year on printing the newsletter and on the hire of the hall. No levy of subscriptions has been made for some years


3. SDL- David Nash gave an update on the current situation and plans


4. Langborough Road Parking

Robin Cops has exchanged E-mails with Councillors and notes the difficulties of de-criminalising parking in Wokingham. As a result the police will mount a short-term campaign against illegal parking in Langborough Road.


5. Langborough Recreation Ground. (partial village green)

Cllr. Dave Davies attended and introduced himself. Though a town councillor for Westcott East he lives in the GLRA area, has a role on the amenities committee and is responsible for the town owned Parks.

He stated that money had now been allocated for refurbishment of playground areas in the parks and Langborough Rec. is top of that list as the equipment is in poor and elderly condition.

The changing rooms need refurbishing and are no longer in regular use.  The options open to the Town Council are:

  1. Demolish the changing room and extend the play area
  2. Mothball the changing room until a need is established
  3. Remove the showers and refurbish the toilets for  rec. users
  4. Complete refurbishment of the block including a new boiler.

In the meantime, it has been agreed that the toilets will be open for matches held on the field. Dave is looking for feedback from members of GLRA.

Action Robin Cops

Dave can be contacted on


6. Election of committee members.

The current members were willing to stand again this year with the exception of Julian Salomon for personal reasons. Colm Lennon has agreed to stand in place of Julian.

The proposal for election of those members was made by Marcelle Williams and seconded by Elizabeth Manley and agreed by the meeting.

It was suggested that if any other residents wanted to work on the committee there is room for more.








·         Cllr Chris Singleton, town councillor recommended attendees to contribute to the consultation process and there are 2 current opportunities which close on 27th July.

o    the Managing Development Delivery Development Plan Document (MDD DPD) which is a new, key planning document, encompassing the various strands of development policy,

o   the South Wokingham SDL, on which there is an opportunity for limited comment on the addition of a Sustainable Environmental  Assessment,

·         A member asked if a website could be established for the GLRA where minutes, treasurer’s statements etc could be posted.  It was agreed that Andrew would see if that could be done
                                                                    Action Andrew Pearce

·         Robin asked attendees to leave their E-Mail address where possible so that we could look at E-Mail communication on important issues

·         Thanks were expressed to The Salvation Army for the use of their facilities and in particular to Lt. Nicola Muir for providing tea and biscuits at the end of the meeting



The meeting closed at 9.00 pm for refreshments.