Great Langborough Residents’ Association



The Salvation Army Hall, Sturges Road

25th June 2012


Committee members:

Robin Cops chairman; Andrew Pearce treasurer; Pat Smith secretary; David Nash; Terry O’Donnell, Phil Lawman, Phillip Robinson,


Colleen Jacobs

Tony Chambers

Siobhan Sanctuary

Sarah Lawman

Jameson Wooders

Elizabeth Manners

Christine Holland

Anita McPhilimey

Roger and Sue Gook

Peter and Lorraine Clayton

Barbara and Barry Thomson

Karren Howick

Stan Harris

Wendy Hoggetts

Nick Warren

Rita Wright

Thelma Hawke

Richard Messas

Sally Stevens

George Haigh

Sue Blest

Chris and Edna Champion

Lucy Allen

Patricia Young

Frank and Mildred Clisby

David Garrod

Elizabeth and Stan Harris

Bob Newman

John Brenner

Barbara Young

Sam Jones

Ray & Barbara Brown

Nick Ravinet

Cllr Bob Wyatt

Elizabeth Manley

Jackie Husk

Christine Roper







Pat and Bill MacIntyre, Cllr Julian McGee Sumner, Cllr Chris Singleton, Diane Singleton.


Town centre Regeneration

The meeting welcomed Will Robinson of Wilson Bowden development and Bernie Pitch, town council who gave an update presentation on the proposed town centre regeneration.

Will Robinson reported on the proposed refurbishment of Peach place and particularly the Rose Street corner with views of residents from consultation taken into account. The refurbishment should mirror existing features of the town centre and will close off the access areas to the building above the Rose street shops which should become residential rather than offices.

He outlined the time scale:

·         Stand-alone refurbishment of Peach Street spring 2012

·         Planning consent July 2012

·         Elms Field retail development May 2013 - December 2014

·         Residential development Oct 2013 - Mar 2016

·         Peach Place new retail Jan 2015 - Aug 2016

Questions raised included:

·         What time frame for station link road? David Nash,
Through next year. The link road is ½ BR and ½ Town Council. BP

·         How big will the play area be and how will the needs of older young people be accommodated? Also concerns about youngsters gathering at Elm’s field now and felt to be drunk and threatening.Terry O’Donnell/ Ania McPhilimey / Sue Blest
- Will be part of imminent consultation process but also that sec 106 contributions from the council are required to replace existing facilities such as the tennis courts, possibly at Cantley. There have been school visits to engage the views of young people. Residential provision is felt to improve this as the area will be overlooked but it will need policing BP

·         How much car parking?
There will be underground car parking for 350 cars under the food store and retained parking at council offices. Further parking should be around the outside of the town centre. BP

·         Traffic issues were raised particularly in regard to Langborough road and the proposed hotel facing it’s exit.

·         Why another food store?
 – Research suggests this is needed and will draw people into the town and to use further shops and facilities. WR

Will Robinson and Bernie Pitch were thanked for their presentation


Main Agenda items

1. Minutes of previous AGM were displayed and accepted by the meeting

Matters arising were identified in the agenda.

2. Treasurer’s report:

Andrew Pearce presented the accounts which were approved by the meeting

Funds have been spent this year on printing the flyers and on the hire of the hall. No levy of subscriptions has been made for some years

the money should be subsumed into the GLRA general funds so that it could be available for use when needed.

The proposal was accepted overwhelmingly.


3. Website

Robin thanked Andrew for setting up the association’s website which is now live. Andrew gave a short presentation about the website emphasising that we would update it when appropriate but that it would not be interactive.

4.  Election of committee members.

The current members were willing to stand again this year with the exception of Colm Lennon for personal reasons.

Sue Blest proposed the retention of the existing committee other than Colm Lennon. Seconded by David Nash


4.1Nominations for new members were

Anita PcPhilimey, proposed by Phil Lawman

George Haigh, proposed by Pat Smith; Both were elected


4.2 Robin is standing down as chair and Pat Smith has agreed to take over the chair This was agreed by the meeting. Proposed by Nick Warren and seconded by Gweyn Garrod

Robin Cops was elected as secretary.



5. Langborough Recreation Ground.

At last year’s AGM, Cllr David Davies stated that money had now been allocated for refurbishment of playground areas in the parks and Langborough rec has been allocated funding. The toilets have been refurbished but the showers are disabled.

Plans were proposed to extend the play area considerably which was felt by some residents to be excess to need. Following further consultation with residents a new, smaller plan is now proposed. Residents who want to comment can respond directly to the WBC planning department.


6.South Wokingham Strategic Development Location (SDL)

David Nash gave an update on the current situation and plans. Further information is available on the website.

Questions from the floor included

Robin reported that St Crispin’s is being expanded with a new £5.6m science block currently in build to take it towards 1500pupils. The overall secondary provision is taken into the planning for the SDLs


7.1 David Nash
noted that the government intends to terminate sec 106 and replacing this with a community levy by Local Authorities based on square footage for new buildings. Bracknell Forest are already making plans to accommodate this and it is likely that Wokingham will follow.

#There will be a open meeting hosted by the Wokingham Society on 18th July at the Bradbury Centre when the main presentation will be on Localisim

7.2 Lorraine Clayton asked about traffic issues and past actions for Langborough road .Robin addressed this, concluding that the current traffic islands for calming the traffic flow work as long as cars are not parked on double yellow lines.

7.3 . Anita McPhilimey proposed a similar presentation to theTown Regeneration regarding the SDL and traffic modelling and it was agreed that this would be discussed at the next committee meeting.

7.4 John Brenner proposed a vote of thanks to the committee for last year’s work.


7.5  Robin asked attendees to leave their E-Mail address where possible so that we could look at E-Mail communication on important issues

7.6 Thanks were expressed to The Salvation Army for the use of their facilities and in particular to Lt. Nicola Muir for providing tea and biscuits during the meeting



The meeting closed at 9.10 pm for refreshments.